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Table Tennis: Steps to Success

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Table Tennis: Steps to Success

By Larry Hodges

160 oversized pages, 140 illustrations. Retail price $18.95
Originally published in 1993 by Human Kinetics Publishers. Updated in 2007.

Over 28,000 copies sold, plus an unknown number of foreign sales. It has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian and Hebrew. While currently out of print, used copies are on sale online. You can order a copy from the following dealers:

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Author's Preface
The Steps to Success Staircase
Table Tennis Today
Table Tennis Equipment
Warming Up for Success
Step 1 The Grip and Racket Control
Step 2 Ready Stance, and the Forehand and Backhand Drives
Step 3 Spin and Racket Angles: It's a Game of Spin
Step 4 Beginning Serves: Getting the Initiative
Step 5 Positioning and Footwork: How to Move to the Ball
Step 6 Pushing: Your Basic Backspin Shot
Step 7 Blocking: Close to the Table Defense
Step 8 Looping: Topspin Attacking
Step 9 Flipping: How to Attack Short Balls
Step 10 Chopping: Backspin Defense
Step 11 Lobbing: How to Return Smashes
Step 12 Advanced Serves: Really Getting the Initiative
Step 13 Playing Styles and Rallying Tactics
Step 14 Advanced Service and Receive Strategy
Step 15 The Physical and Mental Game
Playing in Tournaments
Rating Your Total Progress