Local Exhibitions by Larry Hodges
(below at the annual Lake Forrest Mall exhibition)
"Exhibition Tricks" article by Larry Hodges

Sometimes I need a bigger paddle....

Sometimes no paddle at all ... my record for blowing the ball back in an exhibition is 33 times in a row.

Sometimes I lie down on the job. (See ball - it's circled.)

Sometimes I get help from the locals.

Sometimes I just talk on the microphone, and let others play. (That's Elaine Kwok and Katherine Wu hitting.)

Sometimes I just let others catch the ball. (See the person with a baseball glove on the right?
I'm using sidespin serves to force an unknowing volunteer to put the ball in the glove.)

Han Xiao probably thinks he hit this one past me. Not a chance.
I'm going to play this one off the lady in the green. Or maybe I'll just lob it.

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